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Our mission & vision


Study association Ipso Facto provides an inclusive community, with room for everyone to be themselves. A place where we can connect with each other, both within and outside our own study programmes. A place where we can learn and network with academia and the world of business and ngos. A sustainable community with an eye for each other and the world around us.


Ipso Facto strives to be an inclusive association where social sustainability is pursued. While we already realise this in the material field, we will focus more on the social sustainability of the association. Ipso Facto will start organising more cultural-societal activities, and the range of educational and career-oriented activities and excursions will also increase. Our confidential contact person network will provide a low-key opportunity to report any unwanted behaviour or to vent your heart.

In addition, the structure of the association will go through a transformation. There will be a renewed and clear communication strategy, with well-organised social media channels, a new (working) website, and enhanced communication between the board and the committees. Both the new board members and the committees will formulate clear vision and goals, and they will be guided throughout the year to work on these. 

Together, we will make the association an inclusive and safe meeting place for everyone. 

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