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Sign up form for alumni 

As a former member of Ipso Facto, we invite you to join the alumni network of Ipso Facto! This network helps us to easily contact our graduates when necessary and it is also beneficial to you! Being a member means that:

  • You will receive an invitation when Ipso organizes a reunion, a good opportunity for networking and for meeting your study friends again.

  • You can choose to continue to receive the In Facto every 3 months online to stay up to date about what is going on in the association.

  • When we are planning a new career lecture, Ipso Facto could reach out to you to with the request to tell something about your internship or work experience. This is very helpful and interesting for new students of your study programm!

    It is completely free to become part of the Alumni Network of Ipso Facto. However, you are free to make a donation. if you wish to do so, please transfer to this bank account with the message DONATION: NL57 TRIO 0390 3858 91

  • Please fill in this form if you want to become a member.

  • Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions: 

What is your study background?
Would you still like to receive the In Facto by mail to stay up to date of Ipso's activities and members?

Thanks for submitting!

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